Mummy Kumari

Kumari Xavier, the founder of the home, grew up in an orphanage herself. Today she says that at this home the children were given everything they needed: food, clothing, education etc. There was just one thing she was missing: love. That’s why, when she founded her own orphanage in 2003 together with her husband, Xavier, the motto became “Because every child deserves a family“, and that still is the leading principle today.

More than 30 children live at WIDE Children’s Home today, the orphanage works together with some organizations and makes sure the children get clothes, a healthy diet, good education and, most importantly, a warm and loving place to grow up.

The aim is to bring up loving and self-responsible persons, who are capable of living an independent life of their own and help others do the same.

Certificate of registration as a an institution for children in need of care and protection.

If you want to know more about our family, watch WIDE Tree of Love here!