Evolutive art-therapy on the terrace of WIDE Do you love working with children and want to make a real difference? Are you interested in India and Indian lifestyle and would like to have authentic first-hand experiences? Are you ready to throw yourself into the Indian adventure and come back as an emotionally richer, more balanced and loving person?

Then volunteering at WIDE is just right for you.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us! Everyone here is always very happy to have foreigners visit, and you do not have to be superman/woman in order to help.

For more information, please contact us


First of all the most important thing we expect from you is “SHAKE UP YOUR HANDS AND HELP US WITH LOVE”! That’s why we are always open to people who are willing to contribute with their knowledge, concrete ideas and time to make a difference!

We want our children to have possibilities to explore and learn new things, so everybody who has knowledge or experiences or motivation in art & craft, sport, yoga, music, animation, teaching (English, Geography and etc.), or others things for the children are very welcome! As children go to school on weekdays, main activties are possible on weekends.


At the moment we also have two big projects going on and we need helping hands for them! Maybe this is something that interests you more than working with children?

Retreat Centre & Guest House

Future Centre during the sunset

Our vision is to bring a constant and sustainable support for the children’s home. With this project we would be able to have stable incomes to support children living in WIDE family and complement the support we get from sponsors.

We are happy that with the help of volunteers from “India Action” organization and with donations from individuals we were finally able to start this project! In August 2015 the first wall was built to protect the land and in February 2016 the main house was built.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers who could help us in:

  • writing proposals and applications to get grants: to continue and fully complete the project we need to secure donations;
  • construction work: in February 2016 (preliminary) we are planning to start the extension of the wall surrounding the land, so strong hands for construction work would be very helpful (volunteers will have to assist the main builder who will be in charge).

Read more about the project and feel free to think of other ways you would like to contribute here.

Organic farm

Subala is happy with experiment to grow vegetablesIn order to have our own ecological vegetables and fruits for children and guests in Retreat Centre & Guest House (once it is finished) and to have possibility to educate our children so they could grow up being more conscious about ecology and organic farming, we want to start organic farm. The land for this purpose is just behind the fence of the land for Retreat Centre & Guest House.

In summer 2015 we bought first packets of seeds and together with children experimented in organic farming. Children were happy to have first radish and spinach from the farm!

At the moment we are looking for volunteers who could help us in:

  • construction work: in February 2016 (preliminary) we are planning to start the construction of natural huts for people to stay when their will be working in organic farm;
  • starting and developing organic farm: as we don’t have “know-how” in organic farming volunteers with big experience would be a big support for us to start and develop this project once the huts for living will be finished (expected in July 2016);
  • writing proposals and applications to get grants for NGOs: to continue and fully complete the project we need to secure more donations.

Read more about here.


Also we want to MAKE A DOCUMENTARY FILM about our children’s home. The film will be used as a representative tool of our home in events and for developing our projects. So if you have professional skills and experience in movie making (film shooting, editing and etc.) and also have basic necessary equipment for that, we would be very glad if you could come and help us with this project!

We take preference for volunteers who can stay longer, the minimum stay is 2 weeks.