Jeni And Robert

We are very happy in spending a Month with Jeni and Robert from UK.They helped us in fixed Mosquito nets for windows, helped in fixing an open kitchen, and cooked some delicious omelet and bread for breakfast.

Great volunteers like you never want anything in return, but are always ready to do great things out of turn. Thanks for volunteering. ❤ ❤

Volunteer Daniel from UK!

Daniel is a professional teacher. He spent with us more than 2 weeks in June, 2016. He was so dedicated for children and did the best to make learning environment more fun and involving for children of different ages! He was doing evening geography classes, taking care of homework group, organizing learning games to practice team work; he also brought to our home first ever children’s home sports day which kids enjoyed so much! Thank you Dan, from the bottom of our hearts, you made a difference in the lives of our children! ❤

Thank you, Arnaud and Fabrice!

Arnaud and Fabrice stayed with us only two weeks (March, 2015), but they help a lot with our projects. Arnaud is an architect so he prepared detailed plan for our organic farm project and instructions how to prepare our farm according to permaculture principles. Fabrice helped to renovate the rooms: repainted the doors, decorated walls and etc. So hardworking, dedicated hearts! Thank you very much for your significant help from the bottom of our hearts! ❤


Our volunteers Johanna and Sara

Johanna spent with us 1 month in December, 2015, and her friend Sara joined her for 2 weeks. During the stay Johanna and Sara were helping to prepare traditional New Year’s event. Thank you for making children’s days more interesting and fun!

Welcome Toma from Lithuania!

Toma is an organizational psychologist, she is helping us with communication, WIDE website and Facebook coordination, taking care of volunteers and other administrative work ❤



Welcome Emilie from France!

Emilie is an architect from France. She will be with us for 2 month. Emilie works with Organic Farm and Retreat Center projects and will make visual plans and programs for them. Dear Emilie, thank you very much for your time and dedication to our projects! ❤


Welcome Niklas from Germany!

Niklas will be with us for 1,5 month, he is helping to prepare activities for children, taking care of homework group, building a new fence for children’s garden! We are happy you are with us! ❤