Specific Projects:

– Farming and Agriculture –

WIDE has been fortunate enough to acquire some land to do basic farming on, which is a great activity for the kids and an opportunity for them to learn about nature and biology. It could even help us stock up on staple foods – Could, if it were profitable. Unfortunately, because we lack modern equipment and know-how, the recent harvest of peanuts has not been a profit. And our use of the land will continue to be unrewarding if we do not change our approach towards it; otherwise it will have to lie idle…

So VOLUNTEERS WITH AGRICULTURAL SKILL would be a great help, and some basic equipment would naturally come in handy. If you know someone who could donate basic, small-scale farming equipment (Specifically automatic irrigation and electricity supplies) – we could set up a little farm!

If you have experience in this field, please contact us! Economical and ecological solutions would be more than welcome.


Dreams of the perfect playground

WIDE may not have a proper one – but that doesn’t mean the children can’t imagine what a  perfect playground might look like! See their vision below, paintings of what their big dream is all about. It is their answer to the question “If we had an empty space – what would you make of it?”


Busy (sewing) Bees!

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Infinite Earth Project, the children have been sewing all kinds of textiles, ranging from bags to fully fledged clothes! This is a great creative outlet and provides some practical life skills at the same time. We just wanted to take the opportunity to express our thankfulness towards Mica, who is the local representative of Infinite Earth and has been running things, providing us with all the materials and fabrics needed. Xavier has been instructing the children, and the work has been more than productive (and FUN!), as you can see below 🙂

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